Those times Charlie Puth’s tweets were exactly me

I have been posting in Facebook some tweets from Charlie Puth. That is to say, tweets that he sent out in that social media stream. I am pretty sure I’m not the only one in this, especially if you love words: Whenever I come across something I’ve heard or read and it resonated or stirred something in me, I have this fiery, consuming need to jot it down. (I always have my trusty and well-worn pocket notebook with me wherever I go.) And in this day and age, sharing those gems are made even better, all thanks to social media. So that’s exactly what I did: Posted in Facebook some Charlie Puth tweets.

So I posted some and lo and behold! There weren’t much comments there in Facebook, but days later my friends remarked on how something must be going on with me based on my recent posts. So I impulsively sent out a Facebook status update, saying those were tweets from Charlie Puth. I haven’t posted much since then. With Facebook, it’s always like this: I get all fired up and post stuff for days on end. Then BOOM! I stop, just like that.

Charlie Puth’s tweets are amazing most of the time. I know he tweets random stuff but GAWD. Such beautifully pieced together random stuff. I’d look at a tweet of his and I’m suddenly reminded of people and moments. And I think, “Yeah. This was exactly how it felt like that time.” Or his tweets would just amuse me, so I’d retweet it. (Posted some in Facebook, too.) And now, without further ado, here are some of my favorites:

Spot on, Charlie. Spot on. This reminded me of those times I just wanted to walk away from drama or heartbreak.

Nothing like that time I had little sleep and the sight of my bed was very much welcomed.

This one’s my favorite because I do love his shaved eyebrow. (It’s weird, I know. I mean, what kind of person finds a shaved eyebrow sexy, right?)

It’s the dog. It’s really the dog that got me.

For those countless times you thought someone would have the guts to reach out to you and finally just pick up the darn phone.

I can really relate to this one, except that it was websites for me and not video games. And oh yeah. It was college for me, not 7th and 8th grades. What can I say, folks? Coding is poetry. Haha!

Relatable yet again! But mine was “Exorcism of Emily Rose.” That movie scarred me. For the first time ever since I was a kid, I refused to be left alone for three full days.

There’s just something poetic and haunting about this tweet that it sticks to you long after you’ve read it.

Remember that time you and your (then) boyfriend either broke up or took some time apart and you’re scared it wasn’t going to work out? That he’ll meet someone else and everything you’ve ever had he would just forget. That, folks, is a crippling kind of fear.

Oh, mah heart! Lines like this, raw and pure, really get to me.

Nothing like the bed reminding you how much things have changed now.

Do words have the same impact on you? I swear I could practically taste them. Their effect is so great that I am simply in awe of how much power words really hold.

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