The Long, Loooong Weekend

I’ll go right ahead and tell this, you guys… I’ll be going silent in this blog some time until next week. I’m going to immerse myself as I fall down that not-so-mythical-now rabbit hole. I took a leave from work for the rest of the week. And what will I be doing? A true lady never reveals her secrets, even if secrets sometimes come in the form of vodka and butterscotch flavored beer and good company — OOPS. Why did I let my fingers slide down the keyboard and do the talking? Nothing is sacred anymore.

But I’ll be back next week, definitely. In the meantime, I am leaving you with great reads about dating girls who write. Some of them you’ve probably read once before. I highly encourage that you read them again. Drink in the words. Let the scenarios painted with such clarity play in your mind while you read them.

Date a girl who writes by Marcella

“Find a girl who writes. For they are the ones who think deeply about life. She doesn’t just let any day goes by but she analyses every single one… She has an adventurous, magical, wonderful soul inside her… Date a girl who writes. She will bring the best out of you.”

Date a Girl Who Writes by Jackie

“Creativity rolls off her in waves.  She can think of beautiful ideas and make them real.  She is quirky, fun, witty, and wise.  She notices everything, and all of it matters to her… Writers are quirky, strange, fascinating peopleYou will never be bored if you date a writer… Date a girl who writes.  She’s funny, a storyteller; people are drawn to her at parties.”

Date A Girl Who Writes by Karen Rose

“Love a girl who writes because she is independent of mind yet recognizes the beauty of experience and relationships… Love a girl who writes, because if she loves you back, she will bring laughter, depth and passion to your life… Date a girl who writes, but recognize that you will never own her.  However, if she says she loves you, believe her, because she’s read too many Jane Austen novels to bullshit you. She will always be in love with charming places, people’s characters, and new ideas, because those are what make stories come alive.”

Well, I am off to begin my quite long weekend. I wish you a happy hump day tomorrow. Survive Thursday, guys! You can do this! Have a happy Friday, an even happier Saturday, and the best Sunday to date.

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