The Journey to a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

I can barely button my jeans nowadays. And by barely I mean I can still button it up and walk around okay, but the moment I sit down on my desk is when all hell breaks loose.

I am going to the beach days before Valentine’s Day and I am really, really looking forward to it. I haven’t gone to a legit beach vacation for years (sad but true), so this one’s got me all excited.

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Combine those two things above (gained weight + beach vacation in two weeks) propelled me to try something. And while I am mostly cautious about men and making changes on the websites (day job) I work on, I do manage to proceed headlong to things and circumstances that catch my rapturous attention, consequences be damned. So it’s little wonder that I am willing to try:

  1. exercising after 230 million years (I used to ride my pet dinosaurs to hunt and gather because even then I hated relying on men for food. Good times!)
  2. detox smoothies

Now, the first item I have already started with. I’m honestly surprised, as I haven’t really exercised since — Well, it was so forever long ago I lost count. I started with jogging / walking and then proceeded to some exercises a few days after. I am only on my fifth day of that but I’d love to share with you my *cough, cough!* journey to a healthy lifestyle. I’m easing into it slowly, as I don’t want to shock my own body — not to mention those around me, who might faint first before I do, out of shock from seeing me completely give up my (mostly) fastfood diet. I am just on my fifth day, so there is nothing much to share except for this picture here. When I started day one, I noticed how heavy I felt as I jogged. By the time I was halfway done, my legs felt like they were shackled to the ground with heavy iron, fire-breathing dragons, and possibly that giant from “Jack and the Beanstalk.” THAT’S how heavy I felt. That’s one of the factors that made me determined to become healthy and fit.

So I threw in HIIT (once) and then circuit training to the mix. So much fun! My body was terribly sore the next day after my first try on HIIT, but it was the kind of pain that I could tolerate because I know something good will come out of it. While it will be weeks before I see some results, I was happy to realize one thing: Discipline. I have learned to discipline myself to make the time and effort each day after coming home from work. I am a lazy ass, FYI. So something like that is already a small win in my book. But then I realized that simply exercising wasn’t going to do much if I don’t make some changes in what I eat (and don’t eat). Which brings me to my next plan: Detox smoothies.

Smoothies. Mmmmm… Or not. I remember I tried Jamba Juice’s Kale-ribbean Breeze Smoothie about two years ago and I instantly hated it, regretted it, LOATHED it the moment that concoction hit my taste buds. But I had to finish it because I needed to at that time, for health reasons. Who would’ve thought that fast forward to today and I’m all, “Well hello, kale! Looks like I’ll be re-acquainting myself with you again.” So. Me, exercising, and some detox smoothies. The world does not make sense anymore. But a couple of minutes spent searching for various detox smoothies made me think that I could get on board with this. So that’s my next challenge: 7 days of detox smoothies. Could I do it or would I run back into the ever loving, open arms of McDonald’s cheeseburger meal?

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I’m wondering the same thing. I guess we’ll both have to stay tuned. I’ll be documenting this journey to a healthy lifestyle in my Instagram account. Feel free to follow me and if you’re in the same boat as I am, let me know so I can pick up my virtual pom-poms and go rah-rah-rah! on you. Moral support and all that, yes? 😀

Excuse me while I prepare myself for some form of torture called circuit training. I’m kidding. I’m actually liking these exercises. To add on my list: Wall climbing! Spiderman, you better watch out!

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