“The Chasing World” is surreal and crazy and terrifying and surprising and just plain awesome

Someone recommended that I watch “The Chasing World.” When I checked out its trailer, I was all “Nope, nope, nope, NOPE.” And that’s just about five seconds within seeing the trailer. I can never unsee that bus scene. *shudder* Let me tell you a little secret. Come closer now. I don’t bite unless the moon has turned full and poof! I am now a werewolf, REALLY. Okay, are you ready for my terrible, terrible secret? It’s this: I don’t have much stomach for the gory and the grisly.

That’s right, folks. You heard it here first. True story. Once, our Film subject professor back in college made us watch “Battle Royale”and I had two nightmares because of that. Another time, my brothers made me watch “Hostel” with them and I’m surprised my knees hadn’t turned to a permanent mush after. So yes, movies the likes of “Wrong Turn” make me cringe and feel queasy. For someone who loves horror, I’m not too good with that kind of horror. I’d like to stick with ghosts and monsters, thank you very much. So I really wasn’t planning on watching “The Chasing World” until… UNTIL I read (kind of) its Wikipedia entry. I mean, the premise of an alternate world? Parallel universe? One person, different lives in different timelines? YES, PLEASE!


Yes, the movie had its gory, grisly scenes but the storyline was SO GOOD. “The Chasing World” started out so innocently and cheerfully: High-school girls in a bus, our protagonist Mitsuko, writing in her pocket notebook and lost in her own musings, some pillow fights take place, feathers float everywhere, and then that crucial, life-changing moment when Mitsuko drops her pen on the floor. Then this sudden gust of (evil, bloodthirsty) wind slices through the bus, effectively killing everyone except her. (Your eyes didn’t deceive you. It was the wind that killed them.) Mitsuko stands up, sees the very bloody mess around her, and eventually runs and runs and runs. She sees the wind tear through both trees and people. And that, folks, is how the first few minutes of the movie started.

What makes “The Chasing World” intriguing and captivating is the element of surprise. You never know what’s going to happen next. Heck, while watching it you might even find yourself asking anyone within earshot, “What am I even watching??” This movie is crazy and wildly unpredictable. It drags you along as it jumps from one scene to another. There is no room for stopping to take a deep breath and once again ask (yourself this time), “What am I watching????????” While the movie seemed like it 80% consisted of Mitsuko running away, it doesn’t get old nor uninteresting. No, you get taken from one bizarre, terrifying scene to the next even more bizarre and slightly more terrifying scene. You keep wondering why this is all happening and what lies ahead.

Doesn’t Mitsuko ever get tired of running? When will she stop? What is she on? But let’s move on to more pressing matters! Matters such as: Why is everyone around her end up getting violently killed? Her classmates getting sliced in half back there in the bus, her teachers gunning down everyone at school, those women in the wedding mocking her, cursing her, and getting half-naked in the church — Does the girl ever get a break? Lucky for us, she does! But it’s not without consequences and realizations. I was invested at Mitsuko within the first 20 minutes of the movie, so I was rooting for her escape towards the end. I wanted someone to slap her awake and then she’ll find herself back at home and realize that she’s skipped school that day and everything was just a nightmare.

I’m not going to spoil it for you by talking about the ending. (Unless you’re terribly curious and went ahead to read everything about “The Chasing World” and thus know the ending by now. It’s all right. It happens. We are but humans.) So instead, I’ll end this post by saying that if you’re looking for something action-packed, surreal, crazy and unpredictable, then you should definitely watch it.

Stay safe and remember, folks: If you ever encounter a rather nasty wind capable of slicing things and people in two, RUN WHILE YOU CAN. Also? Don’t forget your name.

2 thoughts on ““The Chasing World” is surreal and crazy and terrifying and surprising and just plain awesome”

  1. I didn’t read the full post because this movie sounds so fascinating!! I’ll def be checking it out and I want to go in knowing as little as possible. Guts and gore don’t bother me too much, but it’s definitely not my preferred type of horror.

    1. The movie is definitely worth watching, if only for the craziness and weirdness of it all. I hope you enjoy it when you do watch it. 🙂

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