Internet Finds

The apps I love and what I use them for

I’m a web junkie. I don’t even want to keep track of the hours I spend in the internet when I’m bored, because I know that instead of soaking in that much time there I could’ve been doing productive things. It doesn’t matter which site I go to. I am bound to stumble upon something interesting. One click leads to another and another and another… You get the idea. Ever since I’ve discovered the internet way back, I couldn’t seem to stop myself from discovering and uncovering new blogs and websites, and along with them, new online friends, new ideas and inspirations. The internet is my playground and truth be told, if someone took my phone away from me for even a day, I’d feel like an appendage of mine is missing.

Here is the list of apps I use mainly for both entertainment and connecting with people. The apps I use for blogging and such are different, but here is the list in my old blog (needs to be updated, though) for that if you want to see it, too.


One of my favorite social media channels, definitely. I love how I get information in bite-sized pieces. I love how active my feed is. I love that I am both learning from and having with other bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. (It goes without saying that I love Charlie Puth’s tweets. And Chrissy Teigen’s, too. She’s hilarious.)


Scrolling through my Instagram feed is a must. It lets me catch glimpses of what’s currently in the minds and hearts of my friends and fellow bloggers alike. There’s the occasional set of celebrities and arts/humanities accounts that I follow as well.

Tips: You can mute stories if you want to. You can also hide stories from certain users. Find out more from this Lifewire article.

Player FM

I use this to listen to podcasts like Welcome to Night Vale, LoreNo Sleep, and The Void. I love how the app is very easy to navigate. The suggestions they give based on your existing podcast subscriptions are also very handy. I haven’t used any other podcast app since discovering Player FM.


The articles about anything and everything are there: writing, creativity, fiction, travel, web design and development, etc. There’s a lot going on in there. A LOT. I browse through the site when I need some brain food or I simply need to entertain myself. You can curate your own feed there based on the topics that interest you. One thing I love about Medium is that they indicate in each article how much time it’s going to take you to read it.


I just signed up for this and wow. Why did I not do that sooner? This question and answer community has been so helpful. I tried it by typing in a specific question and lo and behold! I got answers! From real people! People who actually know what they’re talking about! Okay, I’ll lower down a notch my excitement and scrap the exclamation points. I just want to say that I am very happy with this app. Hopefully, I can contribute something worthy when I answer some questions posted by fellow users.

Bacon Reader (for Reddit)

Reddit has a special place in my heart because two words: No Sleep. It’s the sub I frequent because they have creepy, eerie, odd, and even downright scary stories. (Suspend all disbelief! Pretend these are all happening.) As an app, it functions quite well. So if you’re a Reddit user, you might want to check it out and test it yourself.


Okay, so I really haven’t been using this app much but I still think it’s awesome because it’s a fun way to get in touch and keep in touch with other people. The filters are cute and fun. Makes messaging more interesting. I have plans on using it as another platform for growing this blog, but I’m hitting pause on that one since I’m currently working on side projects. But maybe someday soon I’ll be able to send out cool snaps. Cool, informative snaps.

Google Hangouts

Yep, I use this from time to time to chat with a few friends. But much like Whatsapp, I don’t really use it that often. It remains one of my favorite forms of messaging, though. It’s non-fussy and simple.

* Apps I used to use but I’m inactive there now:


Facebook is great for keeping up with people I know in real life. It is my personal preference to stop using for the meantime. I’ve had a love / hate relationship with Facebook for quite some time now. I’m pretty sure it’s just me, but it’s becoming pretty saturated with all sorts of things. Too much of everything crammed in there, so I decided to take a breather. I know I’ll miss posting memes and taking the fun quizzes my friends share, but for now I’ll pass.

Facebook Messenger

If there is a messaging app that I have used so, so frequently it’s Facebook Messenger. My family has a group chat there. My friends reach out to me using it. However,like with Facebook, I’m currently (and very recently) taking a break from it, too.

And there goes my list of used and abused apps. What are the ones you keep on your phone and use frequently? What apps have you stopped using and why? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.