Odds & Ends

On a personal note: Dating, waiting, NaNoWriMo, Steve’s perfect hair, and those darn demodogs

I have an extra three days off from work next week and guess who’s going to hole up hibernate binge watch on the TV series she’s missed? 😀

With that life-altering, destiny-changing announcement, let me address some offline stuff that have been begging to be blogged about because I know some stalkers maybe one or two haters folks have been dying to ask me. HAHA. Didn’t I just sound so full of myself there? Believe me, I CRINGED. I cringed but gosh darn it, some things need to be said. Things like: Jelena, demodog (Dart!), NaNoWrimo, monster hunting, and did I say Jelena?

So. Which one to tackle first in what I want to be the shortest post ever? #blogginggoals #lazygirl


I have a special place in my heart for the hellhounds found in my all-time favorite show, “Supernatural.” (I use that word — hellhounds, hellhounds, hellhounds — to shower our dogs with mushy affection. So I say things like, “Come here, my sweet and brutish hellhound.” and “Aww. You gave me three long scratches on my arms, dear hellhound. Here, have some steak and mashed potatoes. Do you want milk with that?”)

It used to be just hellhounds but then Dustin (Stranger Things 2, FYI) introduced us to those demodogs. All together now, folks: DEMODOGS. Let that word roll around your tongue. It certainly has an offbeat charming ring to it, right? Just, erm, steer clear from one. It’s cute when it’s tiny, but not so much when it comes to its second, third time of molting.

Not so tangent: We finally get in on the secret of Steve’s perfect hair. Turns out everyone can have his perfect hair, all thanks to Fabergé Organics and… *drumroll, please!* Farrah Fawcett spray!!

NaNoWrimo? Not this time, Jane. Calm down.

Yes, I decided to skip joining this year. Calm down, Jane. Here, hold my Hoegaarden Rosée for me as I explain myself. I love writing and I always will, but I don’t think I can commit to the pressure of finishing 50k words within the end of this month. I am continuing to write, though, only it’s set at my own pace. I still hit that dreaded (and some say fabled) writer’s block, but I guess writing on most days is better than having written nothing at all.

Fun stuff: What I’m currently writing still has monsters and the good old heebie-jeebies feel to it. Think elevator game gone wrong, doppelängers, the heroine getting thrown around and beaten up, the heroine’s hate / love interest starting on a journey to uncovering his roots, plus more basically everything major going wrong. Like I said, fun stuff!


In previous life, I went just a wee bit crazy and thought that closure with my ex would magically solve things AND HAHA HOW QUICKLY THAT ESCALATED. Things went in a different direction and I was so caught off-guard that HAHA AGAIN YOU MIGHT AS WELL GO AHEAD AND CALL ME CAPTAIN BACKFIRE. Needless to say, that chapter in my life has been done and over with.

And ever since then I have been focusing — really focusing — on myself. That was a part of my life that had broken me so badly that it took really quite the time and effort to pull myself together again. And it also helped that during that time, there was someone (obviously, said someone is not my ex) who made me realize that, as our gal pal Taylor Swift sang, “And for the first time what’s past is past.” Too bad I realized things too late, though. Am I going to do something about it? Oh, I don’t know, maybe cry? Cry while watching “Begin Again” movie? Cry over the song “Lost Stars” because the lines, “I’ll be damned, Cupid’s demanding back his arrow /  So let’s get drunk on our tears…” make me think of him?

Nah. I think I’ll go on with the usual program of reading, sleeping, writing, binge watching, sleeping, eating, sleeping, rinse and repeat, that is my life. Seriously, though. If there’s anything I have learned with that ex and past relationships, it’s this: It’s high time I realize my self worth, not for arrogance’s sake but just to know my place in someone’s life. And this time, I think (I know) that my place no longer involves me popping up here and there in his life. He’s got a life now that involves a new girlfriend, a new job, and other things I no longer know about. He’s got a life that I have no place in and you know what? I’m now okay with that. As long as I know he’s happy, then I’m okay with that. That’s all that matters, really. *exit, stage left*


I have no words for that one, actually. Justin is not my favorite celebrity, but if Selena’s happy… Well, it’s been years. The timing might be right for them this time around. Who knows, right? Stranger things have happened.

Well, I am off to enjoy my loooong weekend! 😀 I wish you folks a happy and cool weekend. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

(P.S. Did I say “shortest post ever” earlier? Nope. I knew it was too good to be true.)

* image source: Jacob Culp