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Life, Currently: Recommendations on Books, TV Series, and YouTube Channels

The week of Valentine’s Day found me somewhere in the beach, where I spent four days and three nights and the following occurred at one point or another, in no chronological order:

  • I wished I had two or three more days to spend there.
  • I saw a Charlie Puth look-alike.
  • I played matchmaker to said look-alike + my sister. #epicfail)
  • I ate at least one kebab every day during my four-day stay there and I regret nothing about that.
  • I realized that I can go sunbathing for two hours under the scorching heat and I will still walk away pale.

Good times! I plan on going back there, but by myself this time. We’ll see how that plan turns out. Right now, I feel like juggling everything and nothing. How confusing is that? You are not alone. I wake up confused most days, all thanks to odd dreams brought to you by equally odd (if not creepy) podcasts that I have been listening to as I tried falling asleep. And I’m pretty sure the book I just finished reading kind of helped, too. To stop the confusion in talking about confusion, let me jump straight to the recommendations:


“Envy” by Gregg Olsen is on top of my recommendations list right now. I have been eyeing this book forever and when I finally bought it, I was not disappointed. There is enough mystery and strangeness going on in the story that made it hard for me to put down. In fact, I barely put it down. I am sure I ate somewhere between flipping the pages but yeah. I hardly put it down. I love how the twins, Hayley and Taylor, used their special abilities to solve the death of their childhood friend, Katelyn. I also love how picturesque yet eerie the location, Port Gamble, is. You just know that with a place like that, something wrong / evil / sinister is bound to happen. I love the plot twists and revelations. Needless to say, I am definitely going to buy its book two, “Betrayal.”


“The Exorcist” was not renewed for a second season, much to my dismay. I mean, there were a lot of good things going on in that show. At least, where horror is concerned. Jump scares, good versus evil, troubled and flawed lead characters, a family pulling through tough times, a neighborhood where serial killings happen inside the residents’ homes, et cetera, et cetera. I do love horror and I think this TV series delivers a good, if not decent one. And just between us: Sshh… I will never watch it alone.


I have been throwing around in Twitter the links to my blog posts. When a friend of mine commented on how I should maybe start a vlog, “like a YouTube channel or something.” Apparently, he read some of my blog posts and finds them funny. (Aww, shucks. Now watch my face go red. *tee-hee!*) He said it would be funnier with visuals. Ergo, a vlog. Then he said the words that would change my YouTube watching habits forever: “Think Anna Akana! That’s how I see your YouTube Channel would be like!” I probably lived under a rock or perhaps in Bikini Bottom because I have not heard of Anna Akana until those two sentences. And because I am a curious person at the best (or worse, depending on the situation) of times, I searched for her and lo and behold! I now have a new favorite vlogger! Her videos are hilarious and brilliant!


I’ve been thinking of cutting my hair shorter — really shorter — than usual. In fact, to make sure that I will not weasel my way out of cutting my hair, I tweeted about it last Jan. 12 (13? 14?). So, THERE IS NOT WAY OUT BUT TO GO THROUGH IT, ANNA! I’ve had shoulder length hair for years. I really don’t wander away much from that length, mainly because I am a creature of habit (one who lives in Bikini Bottom, don’t forget) and the last time I tried a short hair was 6.5 years ago and I came out of the salon looking like some damned jellyfish. Yes, you read that right: JELLYFISH. I was so traumatized that never again did I cut my hair that short. But now… Yeah, 2017 is a good time to have a new hairstyle. Probably. Presumably. I hope. I was thinking a hairstyle similar to this:

🐣🌼🍋 @darling

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You’d have to excuse my shorter than usual post. Lots of things going on but I promise I’d get my shit together and resume to regular programming here in Foxes & Fangs pretty soon. Like this weekend soon. Until then, don’t dull your sparkle and don’t forget to eat diamonds for breakfast! *pause* You do know I meant that (diamonds for breakfast) in the not-literal-way, right?