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I wear my heart on these sentences I string together

I have been doing more reading than writing for months and months now. And I have been doing more napping than reading for months now. And then I resurfaced on Facebook, kind of. Plus I have been more active in Instagram. Then I made my tweets private, only to set it back to public yesterday. You can go right ahead and create a graph or equation from that.

I am not gonna lie: Writing has been difficult for me ever since late 2015. It had gotten lost amidst troubled times, loss, and grief. Each time I picked up the pen, I felt like an unwanted guest who showed up uninvited on someone’s doorstep. And said someone used to be a really, really close friend of mine. I fumbled around for things to say. I suspect partly the reason is because I think too much of how the words will come out once they’ve finished their job of finding and colliding against each other, all just to produce sentences and paragraphs, scenes and moods. I worried they will never come out right.

This blog here is proof to that. I have decided to take a shot at blogging and writing again. But then I wonder and I worry if today’s blog post will be good enough. Or even just “enough”, really.

I hope that sharing these bits and pieces that found their way in my path will strike something in you, if not resonate with you.

On reading: “The View from the Cheap Seats” by Neil Gaiman + a few horror e-books

“We need libraries. We need books. We need literate citizens. I do not care – – I do not believe it matters – – whether these books are paper or digital, whether you are reading on a scroll or scrolling on a screen. The content is the important thing.”

I can never let a day go by without reading fiction. Sometimes, I re-read books and other times I pick up something new. I wholeheartedly agree with Neil Gaiman when he said something like how books are unique, portable kind of magic. Reading may well be a form of escapism and I keep coming back to it. Times are tough? I read. Rainy days holed up at home? I read. Feeling happy and giddy? I read. Reading is a beautiful thing. Some people like fine wine. I like fine words collected together to present a story, mostly of the horror genre. I have recently downloaded a few Kindle books, all of them horror:

Paul Tremblay’s “A Head Full of Ghosts” isn’t exactly scary. For me, it was more tragic and sad than scary. When I finished the book, it left me with the same feeling I had when I watched “Lights Out.” The book was really good, though. I highly recommend it, whether you’re a fan of horror or not.

On watching: Those hilarious yet sweet kdramas

There’s something to be said on watching these Korean dramas (“kdramas”), especially ones that are both funny and romantic. I haven’t watched one for years and years but all it took was one recommendation and BAM! Before I knew it, I watched another and then another and another. Here are the ones I enjoyed so far:

My Secret Romance

A girl on the run from her past. A lonely rich guy. A one-night stand. Fast forward to a few years later and the two meet again and hilarity ensues. This is a feel good kdrama that you won’t regret watching. I think I watched this show thrice.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

I have nothing but love for this kdrama because it’s both funny and creepy. The characters are hilarious, even the bit players. The chemistry between the two lead characters are both sweet and hilarious. There’s just never a dull moment in this show. What I also really, really loved about it was that there’s a nasty mystery for Bong Soon to solve. There’s an ongoing kidnappings of young women in her area and after the villain marked her bestfriend, Bong Soon made it her personal mission to find out who is responsible for the missing women.

Oh My Ghostess

The leading lady here is your typical wallflower, doormat type of girl. Oh, and she also sees ghosts. Meek and quiet and quite the loner, she comes across the ghost of another girl who is exactly her opposite: Outspoken and aggressive. The girl possesses her body in order to finish her business so she can finally move on. This is a rom-com with a twist of mystery and thrill. It’s definitely one of my favorites.

She Was Pretty

Kim Hye Jin was popular and beautiful during her tween years. She was well-loved by both boys and girls. When she befriends the new kid in class, they both develop a deep-rooted friendship that they both carry with them to their adulthood. When the guy reaches out to Hye Jin to meet again after more than 10 years, it sets off a chain of events that are funny and bittersweet and yes, even annoying. (You’d have to watch why it’s annoying. The guy there, the adult version, is just… ARGH!) Hye Jin, very self-conscious of the way she looks now, asks her pretty bestfriend to pretend to be her when meeting her childhood bestfriend just once. That’s when things take interesting twists and turns. Guys, you have to watch this! It’s well worth indulging yourself in if you want something funny but with fair doses of sweetness and drama.

On picking up the pieces:

I think Heather from pretty much summed up the state I have been in for months and months:

I look back at the darkness that consumed me last year — beginning with the weekly long runs in my marathon training schedule and made worse by the thousands of miles I traveled while trying to build a specific part of my business — and realize that either by necessity or fatigue or lack of self-care, I abandon the practice of words. And then things got really, really bad. — Heather from

My takeaway from everything bad and tragic that have happened is this: It’s okay to take time to heal. What’s important is that you don’t ever let those negative things (and sometimes, people) turn you into something you are not and most definitely something you don’t want to be. Remember the kindness in you. Remember that you can both be soft yet strong and courageous. Kindness always wins.

I hope you are all having a good September, folks! Halloween is nearing and I am pretty excited about that. If you have any recommendations on horror books or TV shows (even documentaries) or podcasts, please drop a comment below. I’d love that. Thanks in advance!