Back, back again!

And I am back, folks! Do I feel refreshed from the time off that I took from blogging? No. But have I become a wiser person from sorting out personal issues while I was not blogging? Also no. I, however, have clocked in more nap hours. Small wins, people. Small. Wins.

My hiatus here has taken longer than planned because there were a lot more things to handle outside the internet. Things I didn’t really anticipate. One moment I was so sure this or that was set in stone and I am in the middle of congratulating myself and then BAM! The metaphorical grenade has been thrown at my face and I find that the situation is not as well ironed out as I initially thought. So back to square one I go. I swear, it’s been like taking one step forward, two steps back. It’s a wonder I’m still functioning like a proper, sane human being. Looking like one, however, is another matter. You need only take a peek at my Instagram account. Disclaimer: If my face gives you nightmares, I am not liable for it in any way because I already gave you fair warning. I, however, am very much willing to point you to the nearest quack doctor to help rid you of the nightmares.

This is a very poor comeback post, I know. *groan* But I’ll have more news next time. Set that statement in stone.