The website

Welcome to Foxes & Fangs! Everything here is still new (as of 01272017) so there’s not much. I am still giving this website a couple of tweaking here and there. But pretty soon, I’ll be blogging about stuff like book reviews, horror reviews, my poor attempt in anything to do with fashion and beauty, and writing (but of course!). I’ll be sharing with you things I have learned so you can all learn about them at my expense. You’re welcome.

The girl in the web

Anna is the name and I am a geek at heart with a penchant for horror and the supernatural. I steer clear from the slasher type of horror, though. Those do not do well for my guts. I do love the internet and also create and manage websites, both as hobby and profession. (See? Geek at heart!) When I’m not reading, writing, or getting lost in the internet, I like to spend some quality time with friends and family, preferably while drinking coffee or scarfing down pizza / burgers / pasta. I am a creature of habit but when I get utterly bored, I tend to make bad decisions. (Haha!) Seriously, if you want to talk about writing, horror, or websites do feel free to contact me. I reply as soon as I can but in case you haven’t heard from me after three days (max), rest assured that I will still reply. I just most probably fell into the rabbit hole and partied so hard with The Mad Hatter and the rest of the gang that I lost track of time.

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