A very sporadic post: Someone profiled my taste on men, my kdrama fever burns bright, and…


This side of the world, we got three extra days off of work because of some important nationwide event. However, I did not get invited to said event. (Which is a good thing, because I will probably walk into walls or bring up something either boring or reality-shattering. THERE IS NO IN-BETWEEN.)

This is how sleepy I was yesterday, when I went back to work: Oh God how I just wanted to crawl back to bed THE WHOLE TIME I WAS IN THE OFFICE. In fact, I was already thisclose to dozing off in front of my computer screen. I kid you not. I don’t know how I managed to talk my way through the morning meeting. In fact, don’t even know how I managed to function like a decent human being during work hours.

Enough blathering. I did say this was a very sporadic post, right? As promised in the title, here is a list of things that are totally random.


A good friend of mine once remarked, “You seem to like guys with doe eyes and kissable lips.” I was all like, “What? No. Of course not. That’s ridiculous. NO.” (I was in absolute denial that time because the guy I was crushing on back then did have that kind of eyes and lips but I was determined to not let anyone know.) Fast forward to years later and there was this this guy I ended up salivating over liking. Apparently, my friend had a point. (Anna, please wipe the drool off your face.)

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* Bambi is the doe-eyed deer, in case you forgot or didn’t know. (That probably means you weren’t even a thought when this cartoon came out and oh holy smokes I feel so old now. Thank you very much.)
** Oblina is this monster with really large lips. Nickelodeon, anyone? Do the words “Aaahh!!! Real Monsters” ring a bell? Anyone? ANYONE? Okay, I give up. I am practically a fossil.


Yes, it’s real and I have been drowning happily in it. If kdramas (also known as Korean dramas) are not your cup of tea, I suggest giving one show a try. An episode is about an hour long, usually. I didn’t think I’d end up liking kdramas. The last one I was crazy about was “My Girl” and that was back in 2005. (A sort of tangent yet worth mentioning: The guy there was HAWT! See Instagram photo above as Exhibit A. Please stop me from posting more photos of him because I will use up all alphabets as exhibits. Does that even make sense?)

But I digress. So I’ve been watching (binge-watching is more like it *cough, cough*) some kdramas and wow! So far I haven’t been disappointed! I tend to duck away from heavy drama shows, so I am more inclined to pick light rom-coms, if not ones with mystery or suspense in it. (In previous life, I had to go through watching “Empress Ki” and holy crap! I felt like all my internal organs weighed so heavily because they were bursting at the seams with tears and nothing but tears! Watching that one hurt. A lot.) So let’s stick with the feel-good ones, the not-so-gut-wrenching-and-heart-shattering ones. Mmkay? Here is a list of the good ones. You’re welcome.

“My Secret Romance”

A one-night stand where the girl sneaks away the next morning. Guy’s ego is bruised. Three years later, they meet and the guy gets his revenge. This is an absolutely, utterly light show. Their love/hate relationship is both funny and amusing. What goes around comes around. And if it does come back, you know you’re screwed.

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“Oh My Ghostess”

An aggressive ghost possesses the body of a shy and timid girl, Bong-sun. Also? Said ghost’s unfinished business is to finally sleep with someone. And guess who’s the guy the ghost picks for her unfinished business? The chef, Bong-sun’s boss. Those scenes where the ghost (in the body of Bong-sun) tries to seduce the chef were really funny. Also, there’s a grim mystery in the storyline. So of course I loved it! And yes. It’s really funny, too. There wasn’t an episode that I didn’t laugh out loud. Plus, the supporting cast was hilarious, especially their Sous Chef.

“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”

The lead girl here has inhuman strength and she’s been trying to hide it for most of her life. When she accepts the job of being a bodyguard to a young CEO, one mishap follows another. The leitmotif here seems to be “Can anything go more wrong?” It’s like Murphy’s Law was fleshed out with this kdrama. Hands down one of my favorites. It has suspense, thriller, action, cute love story, and humor in large doses. There was never a dull moment with this kdrama. Well worth watching.

“Oh My Venus”

Girl gets cheated on by her boyfriend of 15 years. Guy has plenty to hide, family and past health condition included. Together, they strive to overcome their personal issues but not without realizing that they are actually helping each other. I love this one because it touched on the topic of self-worth and how easily that can be destroyed by an event or a circumstance. You begin to question and doubt yourself to the point that you no longer feel worthy of love, if not life. Huge points go out to this kdrama for having funny and lovable characters.

“She Was Pretty”

This is a cute love story about two childhood bestfriends who meet again after many years. The problem is that Hye-jin, the lead character (girl), didn’t have enough confidence to meet Sung-joon (the leading man in the story). Hye-jin was beautiful, smart, popular, and well-liked when they were younger. Now she’s the complete opposite. So she begs her bestfriend, Ha-ri, to take her place in meeting Sung-joon and pretend that she’s Hye-jin. The meet-up goes well but soon spins out of control when Hye-jin got a new job and she finds out that her boss is none other than Sung-joon. (I love that her workplace is in a magazine company, as that is actually my dream job.) This kdrama is a feel-good one, with more funny and cute (also sweet) scenes than dramatic ones.

“Fight for My Way”

This has to be the lightest kdrama in this list but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. In this show, four friends struggle with real life: Getting a job, being nearly broke, being jobless AND broke, et cetera. What’s really fun about this show is that it mirrors reality in that sense. Each of them are fighting different demons in their lives but they still strive to persevere and succeed. And yes, there’s romance going on here: The two bestfriends who grew up together and a couple who’s been together for years. If you want something light and fun and still hilarious, this one’s for you.

“Two Worlds”

Oh my God. Where to start with this kdrama? SO MUCH LOVE. SO MANY FEELS. This show is set apart from the ones I’ve watched because it’s about reality and the world of a webtoon, which eventually came alive on its own. The lead characters (Kang Chul and Oh Yeon-joo) are able to transport themselves in both worlds as they chase after the villains. Many deaths here. And many resurrections. It’s edgy, it’s cool, and it’s still funny. I highly, highly recommend you watch this.

“Suspicious Partner”

The murder of the lead girl’s (Bong Hee) ex-boyfriend sets things in motion. Of course she’s innocent. Years later, after a fateful reunion with her mentor, former Prosecutor Noh Ji Wook, another murder takes place. The suspect requests for Bong Hee (who is a lawyer now) to represent him. Ji Wook has his doubts about their client’s innocence, but only after they won the case and the client was set free. Soon enough he and everyone in his firm, Bong Hee included, chase after the client while trying to prove his guilt. So many plot twists here, folks. Just when I thought things will finally fall in place, something happens to the characters. But hang in there. It gets better, I promise. Plus, there are still funny scenes from both main characters and supporting characters.


*something. I meant something. What did I tell you about having only three hours of sleep? Haha!

Oh right. Something scary because we all know how I have the penchant for scary stuff. Have you heard of the elevator game? It’s basically a “game” where you go up and down and up again, et cetera via an elevator for the sake of venturing the “other world.” There’s supposed to be a woman in the fifth floor who will join you in the elevator. As said in this Tumblr blog:

Do not look at her; do not speak to her. She is not what she seems.

It’s all fun and games until the reality sinks in that there is, indeed, truth to the wild instructions going on around the internet about this elevator game. (You can search in YouTube videos that document people while they were trying this game.) Have I tried it? Never. Would I even want to try it. Sure, it’s fun. I mean, it’s just a game, surely. I’m not going to be suddenly transported to the other world. But here is a story I read in Reddit’s NoSleep and it’s so good it made me think twice about trying the elevator game for fun.

And that is all I have for you, folks. Let’s all have a wonderful November weekend, okay?