All about creepy episodes: “Supernatural” and “No Sleep”

Halloween is nearing. Days are shorter and nights are longer. Cable channels have been popping in more horror films than the usual meager doses they keep in stock. So watching one of my favorite TV shows couldn’t have been more perfect. I’ve been catching up on season 12 of “Supernatural” and wow. It has been GOOD! The first few episodes made me dislike those British Men of Letters. I knew right off the bat that Ketch couldn’t be trusted. Surprisingly, Mick grew on me. These new characters made the show worth watching, as they made it all the more intense and interesting. But. BUT I am not here to dissect season 12. Nay, I’m going to babble talk about one episode that I find creepy. And then.

And then I’m going to share another creepy episode, this time from the No Sleep podcast. It’s an old episode, one I’ve stumbled upon weeks ago. I had to stop what I was doing that time, as I listened to it. It was JUST. SO. CREEPY. Now, I’ve been listening to that podcast for months and while it is of the horror genre, few episodes have managed to creep me out. But this one? Yep, it was disturbing and creepy and — Let’s just say that imagining the scenes playing out in my mind’s eye made me glad all the lights were turned on in the room.

So! With no further ado, I present to you the creepy episodes from two of my favorite shows:

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On Reading and Taking a Cue from Selena Gomez on Social Media Break


If that one does not unsettle you at the very least, then please let me know what you’re made of. That is a snippet from “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman, which I am currently re-reading. It’s been months (years?) since I last read it, I think. But I do remember thinking back then how gloomy the feel of the story was. I forgot how beautiful the words were, though. Some lines there are worth scribbling down on my commonplace notebook, like this one:
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A List of Things: September So Far

October is nearing and I have two events lined up, both of which I am looking forward to. I am also eager — oh so eager!! — for the second season of “Stranger Things.” Took a couple of stabs at writing and found myself wondering where all this is going. At work, I’m setting up more and more websites in between the usual website management stuff and I love it. Presenting demos and giving walk-throughs still terrify me, but I feel like this helps me grow not just as an employee but also as a person.

September started out with such a dragging feeling but then before I knew it, it’s nearly over. *blink, blink* Poof! And there goes October just up ahead, round the corner. Will you look at that! I love October, mainly because it hosts Halloween and because of that, all things horror are EVERYWHERE. But before September exits the stage, here are a few things that highlighted this month:
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