The Long, Loooong Weekend

March 21, 2017 Odds & Ends

I’ll go right ahead and tell this, you guys… I’ll be going silent in this blog some time until next week. I’m going to immerse myself as I fall down that not-so-mythical-now rabbit hole. I took a leave from work for the rest of the week. And what will I be doing? A true lady never reveals her secrets, even if secrets sometimes come in the form of vodka and butterscotch flavored beer and good company — OOPS. Why didRead More

I Must Belong Somewhere

March 17, 2017 Odds & Ends

I remember daydreaming of being somewhere else when I was a lot younger, perhaps when I was 10 or 12 years old. In my head, being in a place far from where I live was exciting. Whenever the topic of moving to another country came up during conversations with my family, I was the first one to eagerly, oh-so-eagerly agree. I have always felt like living abroad was THE plan for me. I love my country, yes. My roots areRead More


March 16, 2017 Odds & Ends

There’s been a couple of things happening and it’s time to fling away the rather flimsy blanket I’ve protected it with, if only to divert some prying eyes. I know I blather a lot. I tell narratives and anecdotes with hand gestures and animated facial expressions ALL THE TIME. I couldn’t tell a story without jazz hands, even if I tried. Anyway, on the with show: Over at the Big Bad Wolf This is where I extenuate the weight andRead More

Not Enough Time

March 14, 2017 Inspiration

The feelings have all run away and yet what happened can’t just escape me for the longest time. I tried to shake them out my head each time. Each time a new guy comes along, each time I receive compliments, each time I start to get to know someone. And each time, I am reminded in varying levels of what happened. Of what he’s done. Of what I had to go through just to get by. I honestly thought I’veRead More

How do you get the guys?

March 13, 2017 Humor, Odds & Ends

Success rate varies between a not-so-whopping 65% and an infinitely sad 7%. So you’ve been eyeing that boy man for a while now. Maybe he’s a co-worker who caught your eye, maybe he’s someone you see regularly at the local coffeeshop and you are one stop short from stalking him. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. I am not here to judge your ability to stalk your crush via all forms of social media, the grapevine, or — heaven forbidRead More

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To-do list for Q1 of 2017

  1. Edit book one of the Maroon Island story. Long overdue!!
  2. Wear a bikini in the beach. Wait and see who gets scared the most: Me or them. (It's gonna be tough!)
  3. Do the 7-day detox challenge, just to see if it actually works because you like randomly trying new stuff, the end results be damned.
  4. wall climbing (to make up for the one I chickened out of)
  5. daily selfies (No. Might give people nightmares.)
  6. cut hair shorter than usual
  7. exercise at least 4x a week


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